The 3 things you need for a healthy life

May 21, 2014

I don't know where I'd be in life without the love and support of:

1.  My mom and dad

2.  My friends

3.  My teachers/coaches

I just wanted to put that out there.  Thanks to all of you.


Now, on to the three things you need for a truly happy and healthy life.  Ask yourself, honestly, what else is there? 

1.  A great blender.  I have a Vitamix.  I can make almond butter in it.  I gave my mom a bunch of almonds and she chewed them up and swallowed them.  She said they were delicious.  They very well may have turned into nut butter in her stomach, I don't know.  But it wouldn't have done me any good anyway.  Same with my dad.  I've also made smoothies, soups, and cookies in my Vitamix.  All delicious.



Give your Vitamix some dates and almonds and get a delicious smoothie in return. Give them to your mom and she'll probably just eat them


2.  Chia seeds.  Do you know that chia seeds are a great source of protein, fiber, AND Omega-3 fats?  They're amazing.  I know for a fact that my friends don't eat ENOUGH Omega-3 fats!  Case closed.

3.  Coconut oil.  I use organic, unrefined, extra-virgin coconut oil.  You probably didn't know that there are populations on Earth that eat a TON of coconut oil, like the Tokelauans and the Kitavans, and that these populations are in excellent health*?  Well, neither did I, because none of my teachers or coaches ever told me!  


*I don't know any Tokelauans or Kitavans, so I don't really know if they are in excellent health.  I just read this on the internet.  Coconut oil is primarily saturated fat, and in the past, we've been told that all saturated fat is bad for you.  But the saturated fat in coconut oil is not your typical saturated fat.  It's classified as a medium chain tryglyceride and it's metabolized differently than other saturated fats.  Do your own study on coconut oil - there's a lot of research out there that touts coconut oil as a "health food."  For the record, I am definitely PRO coconut oil.



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