Feb 11, 2014

Which goals are worthwhile, and which ones are worthless when it comes to your fitness and nutrition?

I'm tired of being politically correct, so here you go:


Most fitness goals are worthless.

"I want a six-pack."  "I want a nice ass."  "I want my biceps to be bigger than my head."  "I want my bench press to be ten times bigger than my IQ."  


All dumb goals, if you ask me.  They're fleeting.  They're too easy.  They don't improve your life, and isn't that what exercise and nutrition should be about?  Improving your life?


I recently started an exercise and nutriton regimen after letting my fitness level slip for the last four months. I have gained 5 pounds of fat and lost 1 pound of muscle since October 12th, 2013.  My goal is to reverse that and gain my old body back.  Is that a vanity goal?  Yes, but there's more to it than that:


The real reward is in the journey.  


If you don't pay attention to the journey, you're missing out on what really matters.  Every time I eat a good, balanced meal, every time I resist the urge to have extra sugar in my coffee, every time I complete a workout: THOSE are the rewards!  The discipline, the sacrifice, the hard work.  These are the things that are building what really matters: self-esteem, will power, self-motivation.  And you know what?  


Those are the things that improve your life.  


And you know what else?  You also can't have a six-pack, a nice ass, or biceps bigger than your head without self-esteem, will power, and self-motivation.


Plain and simply, focus on bigger things than just your abs or your ass and more often than not, the next time you look at your abs or ass, I guarantee you'll be pretty happy.


Agree?  Don't agree?  Let me know, please!  I'd love to hear your comments.


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