DELICIOUS COLD MEAL (we're not using the word "salad" anymore)

May 01, 2015

Which makes them almost superior because you don't need a heat source to enjoy it.  

Seriously, though: let's stop using the word "salad."

This cold meal has complex carbs, lean protein, and healthy fats - the building blocks of any meal worth eating.




20 ounces boneless, skinless chicken breast  

2 large heads romaine or equal amount spinach, chopped  

2 pears, cut into small wedges

2 cucumbers, chopped

1 cup dried apricots, chopped

2 cups fresh mint, chopped


2 oranges, for ½ cup fresh orange juice and 1 teaspoon orange zest  

2 tablespoons honey 

4 teaspoons Dijon mustard

4 teaspoons red wine vinegar

Salt, to taste

Black pepper, to taste

2 ½ tablespoons olive oil  

TOTAL COST: around $15.00 (as low as $2.50 per serving)

Combine all the ingredients for the dressing and mix vigorously.  You can use a food processor if you want.  Reserve 1 cup for the dressing.  Take remaining amount of dressing and marinate the chicken with it for 20 minutes.  Grill or bake the chicken until cooked through.

Next, combine lettuce, dried apricot, pear, and mint.  Slice the chicken and top the salad.  Keep the dressing on the side and toss when you're about to eat it - this way the salad will stay fresh and crisp.  

This makes a salad of 2000 Calories (40g Fat, 258g Carbs, 152g Protein).

Divide into 6 servings of 333 Calories, 7g Fat, 43g Carbs, 25g Protein


Divide into 4 servings of 500 Calories, 10g Fat, 65g Carbs, 38g Protein


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