Eat more, get leaner?

Sep 18, 2015

I came up with a great saying the other day:

Food has the power to make you fat.  It also has the power to make you thinner.

When you buy a piece of furniture from IKEA, they include all the nuts and bolts and screws you need to construct it.  They even give you two different little screwdrivers.  (Then when you’re done constructing it, you always have a bunch of those nuts and bolts and screws left over, and you’re paranoid that you built it incorrectly and it’s going to collapse one day when you least expect it.)  Those are the tools you need to build that piece of furniture.  Without those tools, you can’t build that furniture.

Have you ever built a website?  Probably not, but there are tools you need to build a website.  I’ve never built one, either, but I would think that one tool you would need right off the bat is a computer.  After that, I’m sure you need some different codes and software and other stuff that’s completely over my head.  My point is this: those are the specific tools to build a website.

You can’t build a website with the tools they give you to build a couch from IKEA, and you can’t build a couch from IKEA with a computer and some codes.       

Food is a tool, people.  When you use this tool incorrectly, it can make you fat.  When you use it correctly, it can make you strong and lean and healthy.  

Notice I didn’t say anything about any amount of food.  Because here is the most profound thing I’m going to say in this blog:

Sometimes, in order to lose weight, you need to eat MORE.  

It’s a concept that a lot of people don’t understand.  But think of it this way.  Food is a tool, but it’s not the only tool.  When you’re building your best body, you have many tools: food, exercise, sleep, and rest.

They’re all related, and when you learn to use them all correctly, together, THAT is when you will be on the way to living in your best body.

How do you know if you need to eat MORE to LOSE weight? That's the topic for another blog on another day. But just know this, utilizing your food and exercise tools is not a one size fits all solution. When you discover what works for YOU, that's when you can start to see the results you desire.

Have you ever found yourself eating more and feeling leaner? Share about it below in the comments!

Live in your best body,


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