Everything you "know" about food and fitness is WRONG!

Feb 25, 2014

I've noticed three disturbing trends nowadays in regards to food:

  1. EVERYONE seems to be an expert on food and nutrition.  My favorite is the guy or girl in his/her twenties who is in great shape and attributes it to ONE habit, and then they tout this habit as being the key to ANYBODY'S success.  "Look at me, my name is Mark, I'm 23, and I have a crazy six-pack.  Want to know my secret?  I drink a green juice everyday when I wake up!"  This type of thinking is so prevalent today in the world of fitness; be careful not to get caught up in it.
  2. COMMUNICATION about food, especially carbs, is SO poor nowadays.  My favorite example is the guy or girl who claims that he/she doesn't eat carbs, but what they really mean is that they don't eat starch.  Starches are carbs, but not all carbs are starches.  Fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and nuts are all foods that contain varying amounts of carbs.  Listen to me: CARBS ARE NOT BAD FOR YOU; OVEREATING CARBS IS BAD FOR YOU.
  3. The war against sugar is getting out of control.  This is basically the same as #2 above.  Is sugar "bad" for us?  Yes, WHEN WE EAT TOO MUCH OF IT.  A tablespoon of sugar in your coffee, the occasional sweet treat, a piece of fruit - there is NOTHING WRONG with these things.  There are "experts" out there that will have you believe that fruit makes you fat.  These people are nitwits.  Fruit doesn't make you fat.  Overeating makes you fat.
And here's a bonus disturbing trend: people who say that it's not quantity but quality when they refer to your calorie intake.  Let me tell you something: if you ate 10,000 calories a day from only "healthy" sources, there's only one result possible: YOU'D GET FAT.  
Spinach is the posterchild for healthy foods.  But even spinach can make you fat.

Listen: is it easier to get fat from eating junk food than it is from eating spinach?  ABSOLUTELY.  But the way we talk about food has to change.  You get fat from the QUANTITY of food you eat, not the QUALITY.  

(The quality of your calories will affect your health.  Health and your weight are not the same thing, but they are related.)




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