GREAT GLUTES with this simple exercise

May 07, 2015

It's really simple:




Beginners: try for 2 sets of 20 side steps (10 on each side)


Intermediate: aim for 3 sets of 24


Advanced: go for 4 sets of 30


You can use this exercise as a kind of warmup to your more complex movements (like squats, split squats, and various lunges) and do it in the beginning of your workout, or you could finish your workout with this move.  Either way, you should be looking at your workouts in the big picture.  For 4-5 weeks, keep adding 5-10% work.  For example, if this is your first exercise and you do 2 sets of 20 the first week, then try for 2 sets of 24 the second week.  Keep making small increases in each exercise AND in each workout for 4-5 weeks and enjoy the results.  Then take a week where you do something different (and easier).


Any questions?  I'm happy to help - leave your question or comment in the comments section below!


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