Have you been in this scenario before?

Dec 11, 2015

Here is a scenario that I see all the time.


You are not happy with your body.  You feel like you are always 5-10 pounds away from your ideal weight.  You decide the answer is to start using Stevia in place of sugar.  You use it in your coffee, you start making muffins with Stevia, and before you know it, you are “off sugar.”  The problem is that your focus is on the wrong thing.  If you’re not happy with your body and specifically your weight, the focus should be on two things:

  1. How many calories are you eating per day and does it match up with your activity level?

  2. Your lifestyle.  If you’re always 5-10 pounds away from your ideal weight, then you need to look at your whole lifestyle.

Both of these things are related, obviously, because what you eat on a daily basis and how active you are on a daily basis is a HUGE part of your lifestyle.  

My advice to you is this: stop thinking “diet,” stop thinking “quick fix,” and start thinking about a change in your lifestyle.  

And if you want just a simple piece of advice that you don’t really need to think about because that’s what people nowadays seem to want, then it’s this: just become more active.  Activity does wonders for your body and your health, and sometimes all it takes is a little more walking.

Live in your best body,


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