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Jan 15, 2016

Blogs can be so lame.

Especially mine when I start lecturing about carbs, ranting about nitwit trainers, and offering nothing of value to my readers.

Here’s a picture of me driving:


And here’s a workout you can do at home in fifteen minutes, no equipment necessary:

  • 3 minutes of warming up with marching in place, arm swings, and body weight squats.

  • For the next 4 minutes, alternate between PUSHUPS and SQUATS.  Start with 20 Pushups and 2 Squats.  Decrease the Pushups and increase the Squats - each by 2 - with each subsequent set.  (You can do the opposite, also: start with 20 Squats and 2 Pushups.)  **Example of this is below.

  • For the next 4 minutes, you will do PLANK PUSHUPS.  15 seconds on, 25 seconds off, 6 rounds.

  • For the last 4 minutes, you will do BURPEES.  30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, 4 rounds.

**Example of the PUSHUP/SQUAT combo:

20 pushups, 2 squats … 18 pushups, 4 squats … 16 pushups, 6 squats … 14 pushups, 8 squats … 12 pushups, 10 squats … etc. etc.


Do this workout once a week for four weeks.  Each week, do a little more by utilizing one of the following techniques:

Start with 22 pushups in the second week.  Then 24 during the third week.  And 26 the fourth week.


Add 1 minute to the Burpee portion of this workout each week.


Add 1 minute to each portion of this workout during each week.  Your last week will then be a 27 minute workout.

That is how you get results!  A little bit more intensity, each week, for four weeks!

Live in your best body,


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