Here's how to deal with the number on the scale

Aug 21, 2015

This is the first entry about accounts of actual obstacles that some of my clients face.  I think this will be really helpful because I know these are scenarios that we all face.

Today was very challenging.  Just as I finished a text exchange with one client who pissed me off (the subject of my next blog), I started with another client who is having great results and yet fails to see them.  Let’s focus on this client, and we’ll call this person Pat.

Pat has been working with me for only two weeks.  The goal is to create their best body - smaller, leaner, and 30-40 pounds lighter.  After two weeks, Pat gushes about how much better they feel.  The measurements show great progress: 2 inches off the arms and 2 inches off the legs.  Pat also passes my eye test - I can see that they are smaller.  The program is working.

But then we stepped on the scale.  

There was a 1.5-pound gain.  But listen to me when I tell you, this is often the case.  When someone starts an exercise program and the goal is to lose weight, there’s often a small gain as the body adapts to the new STRESS of exercise.  Yes, exercise is STRESS, and often stress causes the body to gain weight.

BUT, listen to me again: we have no control over the number on the scale.  There are too many factors like stress and sleep and even the altitude at which you are that contribute to that number.  That’s why it’s important to take other factors into account.  What I find to be even more telling are the following:

  • are your clothes fitting better?

  • how do you feel?

  • how do you look?

When you combine these answers with your weight, you’ll be able to come up with a much more honest evaluation of where you are at.

In the case of Pat, I have no doubt that we are on the right track.  Pat feels better, looks better, and we have proof that they are smaller through the measurements.  

My job now is getting Pat to see that, and sometimes that is a harder job than the actual training.

Questions?  Let me know in the comments below, and let me help you live in your best body.



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