Here's how many sets to do while lifting

Oct 09, 2015

The late Moses Malone once said “Fo, fo, fo.”  This was, as you basketball fans already know, in response to when he was asked how the 76ers would do in the playoffs that year.  He was predicting that the Sixers wouldn’t lose a game in the entire playoffs (and he was almost correct; the Sixers went 12-1 in the playoffs, sweeping the Lakers in the Finals - oh, how I long for another Philadelphia championship … )

He also could have been speaking about how to program your own workouts.  4-4-4 (“fo, fo, fo”) is a very good place to start when determining how many sets to do in an individual workout.  

Take the big muscle that you’re working.  For example, in a Back and Biceps workout, the back is the “big muscle.”  (It’s many muscles, but let’s keep this simple, people.)  Pick three exercises and do 4 sets of each.

“Fo, fo, fo.”

The smaller muscle?  Do half as many sets.

Another example would be in a Chest and Triceps workout.  Work the chest with three different exercises, FOUR sets of each.  4-4-4, or as Moses would say, “fo, fo, fo.”  Triceps would then get 6 sets.

I’ve used this principle to train myself for over 20 years.  It’s helped me maintain a balanced physique and avoid injury.

Thoughts? Comments? Let's chat about it below.

Thanks for the advice, Moses, and rest in peace.



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