I'm so tired - should I work out?

Mar 12, 2014

Tired and sick are two different things (and we're not even talking about being "sick and tired").

Let's tackle them one at a time.



It really comes down to one thing in regards to working out when you're tired:

Is discipline or self-motivation your problem?  Or is overtraining your problem?

If discipline or self-motivation is your weakness or problem, then I suggest you work out.  Being tired is just another excuse, and then only way to improve your discipline is to fight through the excuses.

If overtraining is your problem, then I suggest you don't work out when you are tired.  How do you know if you are overtraining?  You're always sore, you never fully recover from your last workout, or you do the same type of workouts on consecutive days (for example, I know a lot of people who do spinning as if it's a religion - 6 days in a row or even twice a day sometimes; it's too much), 



Okay, how sick?  If you're a little bit under the weather or just a little congested, it's my experience that working out can help me feel better.  

HOWEVER, I usually don't go to a gym to work out if I am feeling under the weather.  First, it's not the most hygienic place to be.  Secondly, think of other people!  A gym is not the place to be if you're sick.  Period.


If you're sick enough that you can't go to work, then it should be obvious: don't workout.  I will say this, though: You want to stay bedridden as little as possible.  As soon as you feel up to taking a walk and getting some fresh air, do it!  It's been my experience that this helps me feel better quicker.  


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