Make your life BETTER!

Nov 01, 2013

On my Facebook page, I've been posting a series entitled "Habits to make life better." Interestingly enough, they're all about making OTHER people's lives better.

Here are the first three:

HABIT #1 TO MAKE LIFE BETTER: Take notice when someone does something for you and smile and thank them.

This is number one for a reason.  When I hold the door for someone or let someone in on the road or anything along those lines and someone DOESN'T acknowledge it, I start to seethe inside.  It creates negative energy.  But when someone DOES acknowledge it, the opposite happens!  There's so much positive energy created, and I find a positive inner dialogue start to occur inside my head.  You know what I feel?  I feel hopeful.  It's a great thing.

HABIT #2 TO MAKE LIFE BETTER: Give someone a genuine compliment.  Even something as mundane as "I like your shirt" can make a difference.

Have you ever had a piece of clothing that you weren't sure you liked?  You've almost given it to Goodwill on many occasions, but then you decide to wear it one last time, and out of nowhere someone compliments it?  Then, all of a sudden, it becomes one of your favorite pieces of clothing.  Just one compliment can transform something mundane or even negative into something really positive.

HABIT #3 TO MAKE LIFE BETTER: Stop expecting things to happen or people to do certain things.  You never know someone's unique situation in life.  Instead of expecting something to happen for you, make something happen for someone else.

It just feels good, y'all.  And those good vibes you spread?  They'll come back around.

Let me know YOUR ideas on making life better for us all - leave a comment below!



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