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Jun 16, 2015

Your health vs. your looks

This topic is something that often comes up with my clients. One of them, inevitably, will be unhappy with their body. This is Hollywood; we all have body dysmorphia to some degree (I truly believe this). So they will start exercising like crazy, assuming that if they just exercise more, exercise longer, exercise harder, that something will give and they will finally rid themselves of that last five pounds of stubborn belly fat.

In other words, they have a square peg and a very small round hole, and they’ve been pounding the peg into the hole but it just won’t fit. So they figure they will just start pounding harder. And harder. And harder.

That’s not the way it works. Not with the peg, not with your body.

You see, increasing your exercise is generally a good thing. It’s almost always going to make you healthier (almost always), it will strengthen your heart, increase your endurance, and a whole host of other good things. But it won’t always shape your body the way you want it to.

Just because you exercise more doesn’t mean you will burn more fat.

There’s a difference between your health and your looks. If you are exercising to be healthy, that’s easy. Just exercise. Move. Go walking.

If you are exercising to look a certain way, that’s not so easy. That takes precise training with an eating plan to match. And let me be clear, it doesn’t have to be “hard” in the sense that “oh my god, this is so hard, I have to do double cardio sessions and 90 minute weight lifting sessions every day …” No! No! No!

It merely has to be PRECISE.

Let me know how you're going to start training smarter versus harder in the comments below!




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