Remember to stick to the plan

Aug 28, 2015

As I mentioned in the previous REAL-LIFE CLIENT blog here, I also had a challenging text conversation with a client.  Let’s call this client Jamie.

Jamie was supposed to train with me Monday.  As sometimes happens, life got in the way and Jamie had to reschedule.  I didn’t have any openings until Thursday, so Jamie asked me to give them something to do in the meantime.  

This was fantastic.

So I texted a resistance training workout that Jamie could do at home for Tuesday, and a cardio workout for Wednesday.  (I’ve been training Jamie off and on for years, and I know their goal.  I hadn’t seen them in a little while, so this was going to be the start of a program.  Where I went wrong was not communicating this clearly to Jamie.)  Fast forward to Wednesday when Jamie had a cardio workout to do, and I get a text: “What weight of kettlebell should I use?”

This was not good.

One, there was no kettlebell involved in the workout I gave to Jamie.  Two, Wednesday was a cardio day anyway.  So I asked Jamie what this was for, and they told me they were listening to Tim Ferriss and he mentioned kettlebell swings and how good they were and what did I think?  

I replied, “You should do Tim Ferriss then and stop wasting my time asking what you should do.”

Was I rude?  Yes, VERY rude.  (I also texted “If this comes across as rude, I don’t mean it to be.”)

I felt insulted.  I know that if people follow what I lay out for them, they will get to their goal because I listen to people and I construct programs that are customized to their goal.  How dare she try to listen to someone else’s advice!  

But there is a lot of validity to my answer, too.  Because while I know that my programs work for people, I also know that there are plenty of other programs that work, too.  But here’s the important part:

I also know that taking a little bit of one plan and a little bit of another plan in the hopes of getting the best of everything is a sure way to fail.

And the worst part?  When you do fail, you have no idea who to blame!  You don’t know what worked and what didn’t, and you’re thrust into a vicious cycle.

The solution is simple.  Find ONE person or ONE program you can trust and stick with it for at least four weeks.  Honestly, 12 weeks would be even better, but 4 weeks should be enough time to tell whether a program is going to work for you.  Stick with it, be honest with yourself, and let the good results happen.

Questions?  Let me know in the comments below and let me help you live in your best body.


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