That's not so bad

Dec 23, 2015

I had a client say something interesting to me the other day.  It was in regards to their eating habits and in particular some sort of mango bar they’ve been eating.  It’s something like 75 calories, no trans fat, and all-natural because it’s just fruit.  She was telling me about it and said “that’s not so bad, right?”

No, it’s not so bad.

BUT, what got me thinking is the attitude behind that statement.  It’s a prevailing attitude of a majority of my clients who want to change their bodies:

Instead of choosing something because it’s “really good for my goal,” they choose things that “aren’t so bad.”

Come on, people!  Let’s strive for more!

Let’s start choosing things that are not only good for us and help us to our goals but are also delicious and enjoyable.

These things exist.  Trust me.  It’s almost 2016.  They exist everywhere.  Stop striving for “that’s not so bad” and start striving for “that’s really good.”

Questions? Comments? Share below!

Live in your best body,


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