Should I be stretching before my workout?

Oct 16, 2015

It's that simple.  All you have to do is look at the research.  Stretching can increase your chance of injury if you do it before a workout.  
What you should be doing is warming up.  Get your heart rate up, break a sweat, and get loose (which is not the same as stretching).  
I often have clients who show up 5 minutes late and the first thing they say is "I don't need to warm-up."  (They don't want to waste 5-10 minutes of their session warming up since they already wasted 5 minutes of it being late.)  My answer is always "yes, you do."  
Or sometimes depending on the day I launch into a tirade about who's really the boss here and how dare you question my authority and why were you late anyway, don't you take this seriously ... it feels good to be a tyrant sometimes.
Here's a good rule of thumb to follow: warm-up for 5 minutes with some form of cardio (walking, jogging, rowing, biking).  Take another 5 minutes to do some high rep sets with light weight of whatever muscle group you are working.  
Lastly, and I can't stress this enough: focus on form.  PERFECT form.  Don't accept any less.  
Thoughts? Questions? Let's talk about it in the comments below!
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