Six-pack Abs in five SECONDS!?!?

Sep 16, 2013

A few months ago, a personal trainer got some attention when he posted some amazing before/after pics of himself. If you haven't seen it, it's what you'd expect: the before pic has his gut hanging out a bit, drooping shoulders, frowning face. The after pic has a flat, defined stomach, great posture, and a confident face. The catch? The pictures were taken only an hour apart! He was showing people how easy it is to manipulate before/after pics for marketing purposes. 
It motivated me to do my own experiment. I wanted to see how shocking I could make my own before and after pics, but I wanted mine to be merely seconds apart. The outcome truly is shocking:
Those pics were taken literally FIVE SECONDS APART! Same lighting, same set, same photographer (myself), same model (myself): the only difference is my own posing and one tiny edit using an app called Camera Plus on my iPhone.  
Even without the editing, the difference is pretty shocking:
How could I produce two pictures that are so shockingly different?
1) I do have abs. It's easier to hide abs that are there than it is to produce abs that aren't there.  For the "before" pic, I merely sucked air in and pushed my stomach out. For the "after" pic, I pushed the air out and sucked my stomach in. 
2) I smiled.  It makes a HUGE difference!  The lesson here is simple: Smile, people! A smile is genuine and makes you far more attractive than any abs ever will. Plus, people can ALWAYS see your smile. 
3) Posture. Good posture will show your abs more than any diet, supplement, or exercise program ever will. Stand up straight, people! Shoulders back, be confident!
4) The editing, of course. I used one FX Effect with an app called Camera on my iPhone. But even without the editing, the difference was evident, as you can see.
What was my goal with this?
I'm not trying to "expose" anybody or comment on how ridiculous some before/after pics are. I think it's obvious when you see some of these pics that companies use in their marketing.  I just think it's interesting.   
What do I really look like then?
I guess it depends when you snap the picture! Seriously, I look like all of these pics - it just depends on what I'm doing and what angle you see me at. NOBODY has chiseled abs all the time. NOBODY. What's important is that I feel great and am happy. Most importantly, I'M HEALTHY. The point I'm trying to make: strive for great health and everything else will fall into place. 


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