Sugar is killing us! Or is it?

Mar 04, 2014

Sugar is killing us!

Sugar is the cause of the obesity epidemic!

Heroin is better for you than sugar!  (ok, I made that one up)


If you go on any fitness or nutrition website nowadays, chances are good that you'll come across one of the sentiments above.  Let's take an honest look at sugar instead of just coming out with some shock value statements (the title of my blog notwithstanding). 


Some FACTS about sugar:

  • there are many different types of sugar, including but not limited to fructose, sucrose, glucose, and lactose
  • your body processes these sugars differently, so not all sugars are the same
  • tons of healthy foods contain sugar, including most vegetables and all of those healthy green juices that are all the rage
And my favorite: everything you read nowadays will have you believe that fructose should be avoided at all costs.  And when we think fructose, we think fruit.  So you have all these "experts" nowadays telling us we shouldn't eat fruit.  Guess what?  This is idiotic.  Let me show you some simple numbers using the banana (the fruit that is constantly under fire for being unhealthy):
1 medium banana is 105 calories and about 26 grams of carbohydrates.  About 15 of those carbohydrates are sugar, so:
1 medium banana has 15g of sugar.
Is that all fructose?  NO.  Of those sugar grams, anywhere from 7 - 8 grams are fructose, so:
1 medium banana has 7-8 grams of fructose.
This means nothing without context.  How much fructose is too much?  If you do some general research, you'll find that a diet that contains 10% or less of fructose is perfectly fine for the majority of people.  So, let's do some more quick numbers:
If you eat 1500 calories per day, 10% of that is 37g of fructose
If you eat 2000 calories per day, 10% of that is 50g of fructose
If you eat 2500 calories per day, 10% of that is 63g of fructose
You could fall in any one of these ranges (the majority of people do) and you could eat 5 bananas in a day and you'd still be in the healthy range of fructose consumption.  Without getting too scientific, that's a lot of bananas!  
The bottom line is this: you can enjoy fruit and still be in a very healthy range of fructose consumption.  Add a coffee here and there with a little sugar and the fructose in other everyday foods and you'll still be in a very healthy range of fructose consumption.
To recap my point:



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