Want to know what to eat after your workout?

Jun 17, 2015

Here’s a question I hear ALL THE TIME: “Steve, what should I eat after working out?”

The simplest answer: SOMETHING.

The simple answer: a combination of protein and simple carbs.

“Carbs? I don’t eat carbs. Carbs make me fat.” If you think this, I’m not sure how you got to my website. Go away, please. Or at least go away from this specific blog. Read some of my other blogs and come back to this one when you realize that you do, in fact, eat carbs and that they don’t make you fat.

Back to topic: you should be eating a combination of protein and carbs after a resistance workout. Without going into specifics, here are some of my favorites:

1. Rice cake with honey and two ounces of chicken breast - REAL FOOD rules!

2. White potato and 2 ounces of chicken breast - REAL food rules!

3. Ok, real food can be difficult when you’re at the gym. Try a quality protein powder - all natural, no artificial sweeteners - and mix it with a gatorade right at the gym. Easy!

Eat something like this about 15 minutes after your workout, and then continue with your regular meals about 60-90 minutes after that.

But always remember, look at your diet/lifestyle as a whole. Don’t break down one isolated meal or action and think that it’s making or breaking you.

Remember to plan ahead so that your after workout meal or drink is ready to be consumed when you're done.

Let me know below, what you're going to have 15 minutes after your next workout.

Also, if you currently have a favorite post workout meal share that below, too!




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