Why you CAN lose weight!

Jan 14, 2014

I was speaking to a client today about this topic.  She, like so many of you out there, is having trouble losing that last ten pounds.  


It doesn't have to be that difficult!

First, a few facts about weight:

1.  When you lose weight rapidly, you're losing a lot of water.  What is rapid weight loss?  Anything more than 3 pounds a week.

2.  The rate at which you lose weight tells you A LOT.  If you're losing it too fast, you're destined for failure.  1 pound a week is good (it is!).  2 pounds a week is excellent.  3 pounds a week is pushing it, but if it's done the right way it's also an excellent rate.

3.  However, it's not about losing weight.  It's about losing FAT.  Conversely, it's not about gaining weight.  It's about gaining MUSCLE.   


The problem with what I am preaching is that 1-2 pounds a week is not fast enough for people in today's society.  We live in a world with no patience; if Kim Kardashian buys a latte at 2:45, we better see it on our Twitter feed by 2:46.


But you know what?  If you want to lose that last ten pounds and you don't have the patience to do so, you're going to be losing that same ten pounds for the rest of your life.


So now I'm going to tell you why it shouldn't be difficult for you to lose weight.  This is the true secret:  

Losing fat (or gaining muscle) is about CHANGING YOUR HABITS.

That is it.  Nothing else.  And granted, changing habits can be difficult.  But now that you know that's what it's about, you're finally equipped with enough knowledge to lose that last ten pounds.  It's not about that one superfood that will help your body shed fat directly from your midsection ... it's not about that one exercise routine that trumps all others ... it's not about cleansing, juicing, fasting, or avoiding sugar ... it's about one thing:

If you really want to lose fat and maintain it, you have to CHANGE YOUR HABITS.


Do you like what I said?  Do you disagree?  Are you making a voodoo doll and cursing my name right now?  Either way, I want to hear it - leave your comments below!


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