Why you CAN'T lose weight

Jan 07, 2014

Except it's really not a theory.  It's just how it goes, people.


The longer you stay at a certain weight, the harder it is to significantly change that weight.

Why would that be?  Often, when you lose or gain weight, the initial change is water; think about it: 

You go on a diet to lose weight.

Often, this means a drastic cutting of calories, primarily from carbohydrates.

Guess what?  Water binds to carbohydrates, so when you cut carbs, your body releases water and voila!  You've lost weight!  Whoo-hoo!  Time to take that selfie and post it on facebook along with everything you've eaten the last few days, because not only have you lost some weight, but you've also become a weight loss guru!


Me have abs, so me weight loss guru

(it's just coincidence that the light is like a spotlight on my abs.  Really, it is.)



On the flip side, maybe you gained some weight over the holidays?  Chances are, if you're like me and you settled into your old habits now that real life has started again, you're back to your old weight?  Why?  Because over the holidays, we eat more carbs!  More carbs = more water weight.  Once you go back to your regular habits, your carbs decrease and that extra water is released.


What's the point, Moyer???


The point is this: it's not about WEIGHT.  It's about one of two things:



Your body doesn't want to change!  If you want to change your body, whether that's with muscle gain, fat loss, or a combination of both, it's about changing your habits and being persistent.  




On a related note, you know how people say it's easier to gain weight than it is to lose weight?  That's not completely true, either.  Change the way you think:


It's easier to gain FAT than it is to lose FAT, and it's easier to lose MUSCLE than it is to GAIN muscle.  

Why?  That's simple: it can be fun to gain fat and lose muscle.  Just eat pizza/cupcakes/cookies (or whatever your go-to junk food is) and spend your days watching movies and/or getting drunk instead of going to the gym.  Indulge, indulge, indulge - who doesn't like to indulge?


In the simplest terms:

Too much indulgence = Gaining fat and losing muscle.

Persistence and dedication over time = Gaining muscle and losing fat.

In today's society, we want results NOW.  That doesn't jive with "persistence and dedication over time."

We've got to change how we think about weight, and how we talk about weight.  Because it's not about "weight."  It's about "muscle" and "fat."





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