Your personal trainer may SUCK!

Apr 17, 2014

You may have a personal trainer and he/she may suck.  Or you might be considering hiring a personal trainer.  Don't take this decision lightly!  Follow my advice:

First, do your research.  If you find a trainer that you’re interested in hiring, talk to some of his/her clients.  Do they have the same goal as you?  Are they reaching their goals?  If not, forget that trainer.
Second, talk to the trainer.  Ask him what his/her style is.  If he/she says anything other than “I don’t really have a style.  I train people according to their goals,” or something along those lines, then forget that trainer.  A great trainer doesn’t train everyone the same way; they train each individual according to their goals.  
That’s really it!  But there are two other things to look out for:
  1. Is this trainer in shape?  Guess what?  It doesn’t matter!  The only thing that matters is how well he/she trains others, and more specifically, how well he/she can train YOU.   Experience is the most valuable trait a trainer can possess.  (If you can find a trainer who is in great shape AND has a ton of experience training others, then great.  But beware the trainer who is more concerned with training themselves than training others.  Their main concern should be training YOU.)
  2. Is this trainer only a trainer on the side?  Here in Hollywood, there are a ton of struggling actors who also work as trainers.  I listen to these trainers as they train their clients.  These trainers say the dumbest things to their clients.  Yes, there are exceptions.  But trust me: find a trainer who works full-time as a trainer and nothing else.    


Oh!  And I almost forgot!  Ask your possible trainer about their certification.  How long did it take to get?  What did the certification entail?  There are a lot of bogus certifications out there; some good ones to look out for come from the NSCA, ISSA, or NASM.  (On a side note, I've NEVER had a prospective client ask about my certification.)


Asking someone to train you and help you get in better shape and health is a serious thing!  Don't take it lightly - there are a lot of excellent trainers out there.  Find yourself one!


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